Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday: Week One

OCTOBER 14, 2015

So my life has been completely hectic for the past month.  I feel like I lost a couple weeks of my life and I am still not sure where the time went.  Anyhow, I decided I would try to do a weekly weigh-in post.  I started it last week, October 7, 2015, but life got in the way and I was unable to make the first post.  So this will stand as the first post and the first-week result post.

Last week, I set my goal to lose 40 pounds.  I will weigh in each Weigh-In Wednesday and see how I do.  I encourage you to follow along with me at home.  Whether you have 100 pounds to lose or 10, keeping visual track is an excellent way to stay accountable.  It doesn't have to be just pounds that you are keeping track of but you could do inches, how much water you are drinking, how many fruits and veggies you are eating, get creative.  Write it down each week in a journal or you can make a nifty Excel graph like I did, there are also a million apps out there that do the same thing without a lot of effort from you.  One of which that I recommend to EVERYONE is SparkPeople.  I have been a member of SparkPeople since 2008!  It is free, check it out!


This week I have lost 2.4 pounds!  I am actually impressed with this number because I didn't get a lot of exercise in as I was super busy all weekend with activities and concerts, which also included indulging in some not-so-wonderful foods.  However, I did do a lot of walking all weekend at said events.  I am proud of that number and can't wait to see what next week will be when I put some more effort behind it!

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